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...CCW Enhancement Course Level #1

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CCW Enhancement Course: Level #1

Seminar Date(s) & Time(s):
Saturday or Sunday (Date To Be Announced) 2018
7:00 am to 6:00 pm (One hour break for lunch each day)

Seminar Type:
Basic-Intermediate Firearms Training

Course Length:
Ten (10) Hours

Course Description:
This is a ten (10) hour basic/intermediate CCW/Firearms course designed to significantly improve the individuals ability to; carry, conceal, handle, and shoot a handgun in a defensive manner. This course takes you way beyond the basic 8 hour CCW certification course as mandated by the State of Nevada. This course covers a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Review of Firearms Safety - Range Safety
  • Review of Shooting Fundamentals
  • Methods of Carrying & Concealing A Firearm
  • Drawing from a Concealed Holster
  • Developing the Combat Mindset
  • Proper Reloading Procedures
  • Malfunction Clearing Drills
  • Dominant and Non-Dominant Hand Shooting
  • Classroom Discussion On Actual Shooting Incidents
  • Proper Shooting Techniques
  • Shoot/Don't Shoot Scenarios
  • and much, much more!

Please be advised that you must be eligible to own, possess, and carry a firearm in order to participate in this class. If you are not, please don't waste my time or yours! Please e-mail us for more information!

You must already possess a valid CCW permit in order to participate in this course. There are a limited number of participants accepted for each course, so please pre-register early in order to ensure your placement in this course.

Required Equipment:

  • one (1) semi-auto handgun or revolver
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • minimum of two spare magazines/speed loaders
  • holster designed for concealed carry
  • magazine/speed loader holder
  • eye protection
  • ear protection
  • notebook and pen

Course Classroom Location: Click Here For Directions!
Reno Krav Maga
9333 Double R Blvd., Suite #1100
Reno, Nevada 89521
Phone: 775-247-7985

Live Fire Course Location:
Locations vary depending upon the time-of-year and location availability.

Seminar Cost: $300.00

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