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...Knife Combatives Seminar

Learn defenses against grabs and chokes.

Learn to use your opponent's vulnerable points against him.

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Knife Combatives Seminar

Seminar Date(s) & Time(s):
Please check our Calendar page for dates and times.

Seminar Type:
Basic Knife Combatives

Course Length:
Eight (8) Hours

Seminar Description:
This basic knife combatives course is designed to provide the student with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to begin rudimentary hand-to-hand combatives and self-defense training with a knife. However, it should be fully understood that this is merely a basic course and that participation in a regularly scheduled on-going program, as well as, intermediate & advanced knife combative seminars is strongly recommended in order to increase the individual students ability to effectively defend themselves with an edged weapon should the need arise. Please e-mail us for more information!

There are a limited number of participants accepted for this seminar, so please pre-register early in order to ensure placement in this seminar.

Eligibility to participate in this seminar is at the sole discretion of the instructor! If you are unable to pass a criminal background check, then you will not be allowed to participate in this seminar. Must be 18 yoa or older.

Seminar Requirements:
* Notebook & Pen
* Water Bottle
* White T-shirt (in addition to regular clothing)
* Tight Fitting Gloves
* Running Pants or Sweat Pants (please NO shorts)
* Fixed Bladed Knife w/Sheath
* Folding Knife
* Eye Protection

Seminar Location: Click Here For Directions!
Reno Krav Maga
9728 South Virginia Street, Suite #E
Reno, Nevada 89511
Phone: 775-247-7985

Seminar Cost: $300.00

Seminar Cost + OSOK Combat Knife: $600.00 (Save $100.00)

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Shawn Kovacich, Instructor; Reno Krav Maga.

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