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...OSOK Combat Knife

Shawn Kovacich and Guro Felix Valencia

John Patelzick, Shawn Kovacich, and Guro Felix Valencia



Guro Felix Valencia





OSOK Combat Knife

Considered by many to be one of the premier knife fighting instructors in the world, Guro Felix Valencia is not only a very knowledgeable instructor, but he is also one of the most revered and highly respected knife fighters in the world. The former student and protégé of the late Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite, Felix is the founder of the Valencia Lameco Eskrima school and one of the most sought after knife fighting instructors in the world.

Here is what he had to say about the OSOK combat knife designed by his friend and knife fighting student, Shawn Kovacich, who is also a highly respected martial artist and Krav Maga instructor.

“During my 40 plus years of involvement in the martial arts, I have been exposed to dozens upon dozens of different martial arts styles including various weapons based systems. During this time I have had the great pleasure to have been exposed to literally thousands of different types of knives and other assorted edged weapons. Some were okay, most were of poor or questionable quality and a choice few were ones I would trust my life to. I have personally tested the OSOK combat knife running it through a variety of tests and it passed ALL of them with flying colors. I give the OSOK combat knife my highest recommendations as one of the very few knives that I would entrust the lives of myself and my family too.”

Felix Valencia

OSOK Combat Knife Specifications:

5160 High Carbon Spring Steel ¼ inch, with a differential heat treat or hard line. Rockwell C: Edge 58 Flats 43 (The higher the number the harder it is).
Edge Angle:
Around 23 to 25 Degrees for more strength yet can be sharpened with Ceramic Rods, a Diamond hone or Lansky Sharpening System. Edge holds up for a long while, but we offer free re-sharpening for the life of the knife.

Industrial Grade Cold Bluing Barry's Formula, it can rust but is rust resistant. The coating needs to be oiled like a gun. Lifetime refinishing on the finish of the knife even if it is passed down to another person.

Handle Material:
Black Canvas Micarta bead blasted (Canvas Micarta is made up of layers of canvas material impregnated with a phenolic resin, which makes the material extremely strong) The handle is glued on and has counter sunk flared Stainless Steel rivets that also give the handle a mechanical bond.

Kydex Sheath:

Made of Kydex 100 Thermal Plastic, very strong and flexible. Felt is inserted into sheath for sound and protection of finish. Multi-positional sheath with multi-angle belt clip, left handed or right handed. Many types of clips available for different styles of carry.

This knife is a custom made knife designed by Shawn Kovacich and hand made by Barry Dawson. Barry has been hand making knives for almost four decades and is considered one of the best in the business. Has won multiple knife awards and has been in many magazine articles from Blade (Aug. 2007), to Fighting Knives, Tactical Knives, Western Collectibles, and Special Operations Report (Volume 17). His knives have been faithful companions to service men all over the world and have seen many wars and conflicts. All of our knives are proudly made in the USA, in Prescott, Arizona.

OSOK Combat Knife: $400.00

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Shawn Kovacich, Instructor; Reno Krav Maga.

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